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2 Jul 2020 tại 19:19 Really good!
20 May 2020 tại 7:03 Took over an hour and a half to come. It was cold, spilling in the bag, not what I ordered.. charged a different price to what vietnammm said. A load of pure and utter crap.
29 Sep 2018 tại 10:21 DO NOT BUY FOOD FROM HERE. The quality of the food has reduced to 10% of how good it was in the past. Everything is wrong... "crispy" things are not crispy. They are sloppy. Taste is now TERRIBLE. Fire the chef. Everyone is talking abo
9 Jul 2018 tại 12:47 Order was late and one dish was missed and had to be resent later when we had finished our meal
7 Jul 2018 tại 5:02 Phat Phuc always deliver wrong food based what I ordered. It happrned 3 times already for the last 6 months order with them.
20 Jun 2018 tại 18:39 If you want some greasy and delicious Chinese food, this is the place to get it. Fantastic!
5 May 2018 tại 7:39 We have ordered the same dish for the past two years, and during those two years we have seen a decline in quality and flavour. The portions are getting noticeable smaller, and the sweet & sour chicken has become ketchupy and soggy! Fix the quality!
24 Apr 2018 tại 21:57 1. Super salty food even when I asked to make it less salty. Very disrespectful to the customer. 2. The food was not as much as before.
12 Mar 2018 tại 9:59 Arrived 30 mins late, with the wrong chicken dish. The duck pancakes were also stale. We ended up throwing most of it in the trash. Disappointing.
3 Mar 2018 tại 9:27 I ordered food last night at 10:27 and I never received the food!!!
6 Feb 2018 tại 7:08 I requested add 2 fried eggs and they said will charge 50000vnd. But I paid extra 50000vnd without eggs.!
24 Jan 2018 tại 9:46 Foods not bad. But food delivered was wrong. I ate a steamed rice with the price of fried rice.